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Tree Service in Waco

Custom Tree Service is an experienced, complete tree trimming, tree removal company serving the Waco, TX area. We are the company to call whether you need tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, hedge trimming or an arborist consultation. We can handle any and all of your tree care needs. With over 15 years of experience, our arborist is knowledgeable and ready to help you with all aspects of your trees. We service both residential and commercial properties.

Our local Waco Tree Service maintains a lower overhead to keep our costs down so that we can pass those savings on to you! We believe that all homeowners have a right to affordable tree service by a reputable company. Our services are typically 10-20% less than other tree services.

Tree Service serving Waco, Tx

From the first contact to the final cleanup, our experienced team will provide you with the safe and affordable service that you expect for your property. Don't just call anyone for your tree care.

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Trees in the Waco area need to be properly pruned to help them stay healthy. Most regular trimming can be performed any time of the year. There are exceptions and we will ensure we don't trim a tree in a way that could be detrimental to the tree's health. We perform all types of tree trimming according to ANSI 300 standards so you know your trees are trimmed properly. Below are the different types of tree trimming typically performed.

Canopy Cleaning:
The removal of dead, dying, deceased and crossed branches and water sprouts from a tree's canopy. Canopy cleaning is the most popular of our regular maintenance tree trimming.
Canopy Raising:
Canopy raising allows more sunlight for your grass to grow by providing direct sunlight. This is accomplished by removing lower limbs of a tree. It also provides clearance for driveways, walkways, and houses.
General thinning:
General thinning is performed to allow more sunlight, more airflow for the trees health and to improve appearance.
Specific Branch Removal:
Specific branch removal is performed to remove branches off of houses, growing into other trees or to improve appearance.

Top Reasons To Choose our Local Tree Service

Professional Tree Care

Since we are always striving to be the best tree care service in Waco, we build work crews that are knowledgable, trained, and have ample experience. Our crews have the proper education, certification, and insurance for providing the level of service that you require! Our professionally trained arborists will work with you to put together a tree and shrub maintenance package that will keep your trees vigorous and in good shape all thru the year!

Serving Waco and the Surrounding Areas

Whether you live in the city of Waco or surrounding areas, we are happy to provide our tree trimming service, tree removal service, or any of our other professional tree services to you. Our professional tree cutting crews can be found performing tree care all around the Waco, Texas area.

Timely Service from the first call.

Our Waco Tree Service is committed to giving you timely service. We know what it feels like to be put on the back burner, and we do not appreciate it. Our local, knowledgable arborists will always make a diligent effort to give all of our clients immediate attention. However, from time to time, especially after we receive severe storms, we will get flooded with emergency tree service calls around the same time, and not have enough crews to meet the immediate demand. Rest assured, at our local tree service in Waco, YOU AND YOUR TREES ARE IMPORTANT to us! We will work you in as quickly as possible!

We know you need help!

We know that this isn’t a popularity contest. You have come looking for Waco’s Best Tree Care Specialists because you need help for your beloved shade deliverers, or that unsightly, dying tree that is beyond saving and now needs to be safely removed! We are here to help! Caring for your trees is what we do, and we do it well. Being that we are specialists in arboricultural services in Waco, Texas and surrounding areas, you should know that you've come to the right place! Good tree care in Waco is what you want and that is exactly what you're going to get from our local Waco tree service.

Competitive Prices

With so many companies providing tree service in Waco, Texas it can get kind of confusing on who to choose! Our local tree service in Waco offers affordable pricing without compromising the quality of our services. Take the first step and give us a call to learn about our competitive pricing that keeps customers referring us to their friends and family. Next we will provide you with a timely estimate that may even surprise you with the value it provides.

Services We Offer

There are so many reasons you may be looking for the Best Tree Service in Waco! We can help you with all of them. Some of the many services we offer are listed on our website. What is important is that you remember we are here to serve you and your family. None of these services matter if the company you hire doesn’t put your interests first! Our commitment to you is that whatever helpful tree service you hire us to perform, we will keep your best interests at heart, provide safety for your family, property, and our workers, and won’t leave until the job is done to your satisfaction or arrangements have been made to do so.

Safety Comes First

At our tree service in Waco , our Tree Experts take SAFETY very seriously. The safety of you, your neighbors, our crew members, and your landscaping and property is very important to us! Before each job, we take the time to assess the job and potential problem areas and then take the necessary precautions. That way even before starting a saw, we have made sure that we have given due diligence and surveyed all possible damage, making sure that everyone and everything is safe and secure.

The Proof Is The Details

Your house is an investment and it is also your home and most likely your largest asset. We know that you have spent a lot of time investing your heart, money, time, and energy in to your house, yard, and trees. Anytime that changes are being made to your trees like tree trimming, tree pruning or selective branch removal, we know that you would want us to be up front about the changes that will take place. We also know that there are details that you might want us to know in taking special care of certain trees or branches. Be assured that our tree service in Waco will take your interests to heart and give special attention to the things that matter to you most!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our local Waco Tree Service is the #1 service for professional Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Tree Service in Waco, Texas in general. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with the job that we do. We strive to make sure that the job is done right the first time, and that we do it in a safe and proficient manner for your family, property and neighbors. We are careful to remove all tree trimming debris and leave your property better than how we found it. In fact, our cleanup is second to none.